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Back to the Bulletpoints

  • Sitting here on the final stretch of Slowest Bear's first draft, listening to Queens of the Stone Age, and destressing from years of Facebooking, Instagramming, and Twittering.

  • *shudder*

  • Fahrenheit is running another 20% summer sale, should all 8 of you wonderful readers (8 might be a stretch) want to pick up some goodies. The Fahrenheit link at the top of my page can take you there (and earn me a tiny affiliate's share of the $$$).

  • Check out Yonder Bar's July calendar here. On the 27th, I will be one of a crowd of talented writers reading in celebration of Dark Yonder's third issue. Got a story in it called "Crispy Skin." Eryk Pruitt and Katy Munger have got a great underground noir zine that I hope will run for years and years. Look for it.

  • What else? You don't want to know.

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