OCT 2021: New Novel, The Butcher's Prayer, AND MORE.


On October 13th, Fahrenheit 13 will release my latest novel, a Mississippi-set "swamp noir" called The Butcher's Prayer.  Grab it before the 13th for a special preorder price. There is also a limited edition hardcover of 50 copies, so act fast if you want one of those. Otherwise, get the paperback. All Fahrenheit print sales from the website will also score you the ebook for free. 

This story has haunted me for over twenty years, as it was inspired by true events, a gruesome murder by a guy I knew who had attended my church. I wasn't sure how to tell a story inspired by that crime until I realized the detective should be a fallen preacher, and the killer should be his brother-in-law. 

Writing this book got me out of a dark place at a time when I wasn't sure if I wanted to write anymore. I'd gone for more than six months without writing fiction, and was thinking I was done. I didn't feel I was reaching any new readers. But once I got started on The Butcher's Prayer, all doubts faded. Even though I went through a few more rough spots on the way to getting this one to you all, I'm glad that Fahrenheit 13 believes in my work enough to share it with you. Huge thanks to Chris Black, the leader of F13, and to Chris McVeigh, the Boss for Fahrenheit Press.

In addition to the stunning hardcover for The Butcher's Prayer, McVeigh has also decided to give us a limited run Slow Bear hardcover. It's a short book, but has proven it has staying power. The hardcover will be beautiful. 

Those of you waiting patiently for the next chapter of Slow Bear's exploits need not worry. We've got some editing to do, but I've been told you'll be able to get your hands on SLOWER BEAR early-ish in 2022. 


Thanks to Sonatine Editions in France, Billy Lafitte's first two novels were introduced to the French-Speaking World (with translations from fabrice pointeau), and now they're going to have another run at taking over the place. 

10/18 Editions has just released the pocket version (or "poche") of Lune Noire (aka Yellow Medicine) in a beautiful package I can't wait to get my hands on. They plan on releasing Bete Noire (aka Hogdoggin') at some point in the future, but I don't yet know when. 


My latest novella, Slow Bear, is available as of January 25th from Fahrenheit 13, the lunatic noir imprint of the Transatlantic Love Cult that is Fahrenheit Books. It picks up on the story of Micah "Slow Bear" Cross, who we left in bad shape at the end of Worm. Now he's back, lacking an arm and a reason to live. But sure enough, he's soon in trouble way over his head - a lady bartender who has taken a liking to him, an oil baron who controls his part of the North Dakota oil fields with an iron fist, and any number of bruisers who wish our hero harm. Take a look


On the heels of Billy Lafitte making a splash in French literary waters back in the Spring with LUNE NOIRE, here he comes again in the next volume, BETE NOIRE (BLACK BEAST, or in the US, HOGDOGGIN'). 


Check it out at:

March 2019: The Billy Lafitte Saga begins in France

Very excited to announce that Sonatine Editions will be publishing the French translations of both YELLOW MEDICINE (LUNE NOIRE) and HOGDOGGIN' (BETE NOIRE) this coming year, starting in March. Both have been translated by the fabulous Fabrice Pointeau, who has worked with many authors I admire, and some of whom I count as friends. 

Check out their whole catalog at

In other translation news, check out Len Wanner's German translations of my most recent three novels from Bastei Entertainment: Sub Zero: Die Frau im Eis, Sub Zero: Spielraum, and Ohne Reue. He's a blast to work with, a very sharp editor, and also a friend.