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Check out my latest short story publication, "Hey My Son," now up on Reckon Review. I love this journal and I'm excited to have a second piece in it. Such great voices (and great editorial taste)! Cheers to Meagan Lucas.

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  • aneilsmith3

  • The top of the hill, just about to start the downhill drop. Yee haw!

  • Nothing else to report. Got some stories out with mags, crossing fingers. Still looking forward to seeing "Hey My Son" in Reckon Review sometime this Fall. Plus that horror podcast I can't talk about in specifics yet.

  • Recommendation: I tell ya, this Jess Walter chap, he might have a bright writing future. Check him out. :-)

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  • aneilsmith3
  • A huge thanks and all my admiration to Eryk Pruitt and Katy Munger, editors of Dark Yonder, who not only published my filthy perversion of a tale in issue #3, but also allowed me to grace the stage of Eryk's world-class Yonder Bar in North Carolina this past week for a packed-house reading. Wow. What a morale boost. I've said in the past that I kinda sorta don't like a lot of literary readings I've attended, but holy shit, this one was on fire from the get-go. The MC, Tracey Reynolds, could teach a seminar on how to host a N@B - ass-kicking and vulgar. All the readers had a distinct style and voice and knew how to hold the audience in the palms of their hands. Kudos!

  • So now you should go BUY Dark Yonder #3 from Amazon, and check out their website.

  • I have added as many links as I can think of to my short stories and other short writings that linger online to my Linktree, so please take a look. Some of these go back twenty years! And some are as recent as, like, right now.

  • Speaking of shorts, I'm thrilled to let you know Reckon Review has accepted another one of my stories for publication, possibly in September but maybe slightly later. I love what Meagan Lucas (a fellow Dark Yonder author and reader) has put together here, and it was a dream mag for me - and now I'm in it twice. Check out Meagan's new book, Here in the Dark.

  • I've also got an audio story forthcoming on a horror podcast, but I can't name it until they've set the date and given me the okay. In the meantime, I'm pretty sure I'll have insomnia while waiting.

  • About three weeks left of summer for me before school starts again. So I'll be finishing Slowest Bear, writing short stories, and reading great comics (Ed Piskor's Red Room and A Righteous Thirst for Vengeance by Remender and Araujo) while cooking Mexican classics, pasta sauces, and BBQ, washed down with Trader Joe's wine and Modello. Cheers!

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