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Mal Braun is a corrupt State Trooper, a scumbag husband, a rotten father, and an even worse friend.

Until someone shoots him in the head.

After barely surviving and left with a traumatic brain injury he will struggle with for the rest of his life, he wants to know who shot him and why. The problem is, no one else cares to help him...except another trooper who's been out to bust Mal for a long time.

Can Mal find his would-be killer while relearning to walk, speak, and think from the bottom up again? Can he redeem himself  in the eyes of his family, friends, and fellow Troopers. 

Does he even want to?

TrooperDown Badge.jpg

Smith's incendiary new novel will be coming your way later this Spring from Bronzeville Books. Watch this space...




Here's what all the cool kids are saying about the second, ever-more-bonkers entry into the Slow Bear story. 

"Fantastic. Like what would happen if Jack Reacher hit absolute rock bottom, lost an arm, woke up in a dumpster, and just decided, fuck it, I'm going to keep killing bad guys." – James Kestral, author of Five Decembers (winner of 2022 Edgar Award for Best Novel)

“Slower Bear is hardboiled like a motherlover. Tough, terse, wildly wicked and wickedly entertaining.” – Gary Phillips, author of One-Shot Harry

“In Slower Bear, Anthony Neil Smith’s prose is a hammer; sometimes pounding, sometimes clawing out flesh, but always bludgeoning or yanking the reader through the bloody and break-neck story of lost soul-asshole Micah Cross’ search for redemption. Or maybe it’s just the search for a glass of pulpy orange juice across the counter from a girl with a nice rack, but it’s fast, graphic, obscenely funny, and I couldn’t put it down.” – Meagan Lucas, author of the award-winning novel Songbirds and Stray Dogs, and Editor-in-Chief of Reckon Review

“I went into Slower Bear expecting to read a fine noir novel by a gifted author I respect. I got this in spades. But what I didn’t expect was to come away with a renewed belief in the power of new love to push through even the worst of circumstances.” – Sheldon Lee Compton author of Brown Bottle, Alice and the Wendigo, and Dysphoria.

"Slower Bear is all the comparatives! Darker, Bloodier, Bolder, Tighter and Greater than anything I’ve read since Slow Bear!" –  Stephen J. Gold, author of Always the Dead and Say Goodbye When I'm Gone.

"Like someone lighting a fuse on page one and the reader racing through the book before everything blows to utter hell and gone." – Craig Terlson, author of Surf City Acid Drop and Manistique.

Slower Bear cover rough.JPG

"Anthony Neil Smith has masterfully continued the never ending self-exploration and mental anguish of its titular protagonist Slow Bear, a Native American ex-cop turned vigilante that is running on piss, vinegar, and luck to stop a sophisticated sex trafficking ring dead in its tracks. Odds are against him, lady luck hates his guts, and justice for all is accidental on the road of good intentions." – Tia Ja'nae, author of Ghosts on the Block Never Sleep

"Dazzles with repellent wit. A sleazy queasy poetic punch from one of the masters of pulp" – Saira Viola, author of Jukebox and Crack, Apple & Pop

Slower Bear x3.png
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After successfully faking his own death, we catch up with Micah “Slow Bear” Cross standing in a field in Nebraska with his boot on the neck of a Ukranian human trafficker.

So far, so Slow Bear.

After handing out some of his trademark summary justice, Micah finds himself the temporary custodian of two very young, and very scared victims of trafficking.

Along with his latest one-night stand Abeline, Slow Bear and the girls launch themselves into a desperate fight for survival as they do all they can to escape the clutches of the ruthless trafficking gang who are out for revenge and restitution.

What follows will absolutely delight fans of Anthony Neil Smith and pulp-noir lovers everywhere...



Smith returns to his old stomping grounds on the Mississippi Gulf Coast to deliver a story that has haunted him for years. Inspired by true events, The Butcher's Prayer is swamp noir, packed to the rafters with fire & brimstone.

“The Butcher’s Prayer is wine-dark noir, with a hammering and bloody heart. This is Smith at his bleak and soulful best.” — Laura Benedict, Edgar-nominated author of The Stranger Inside

“Visceral, propulsive writing that cuts like a razor. Think Elmore Leonard with an injection of Southern Gothic. Heady stuff.” — Dan Fesperman, author of Safe Houses.

"A feverish, nightmarish, blood-soaked tale of good and evil, faith and family. Propulsive and unflinching, Smith’s prose is spare but evocative; this is a sweaty, claustrophobic, take-no-prisoners story that will implicate you with its first sentence and drag you through swamp and church pews in search of some kind of salvation." — Owen Laukkanen, author of Lone Jack Trail and Deception Cove

Trash Pandas Cover.jpg


"Trash Pandas" was my contribution to the limited edition and very sought after status symbol known as the FAHRENZINE! The maniacs over there made 100 copies, sold them via the website, and now they're gone!

It's what you've come to expect from me - gonzo noir with a candy coating of absurd. 



Back from the grave, this little bizarro/horror ditty returns to kindle to

shock and appall you!

Take a look! 

Slow Bear slant.jpg


A washed-up, One-Armed Ex-Rez cop gets in over his head out in western North Dakota during the oil boom. Throw in a young lady bartender, a ruthless oil baron, and a cast of bruisers looking to do our hero some harm, and you've got a slab of pulp noir that will satisfy your bloodlust. 


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